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My Story

With a background in the entertainment industry, starting my own business was a totally new and exciting opportunity! I had been an Actress and Producer for 12 years, performing in the West End and on tours throughout the UK. 

Although I loved my job, the income was unpredictable and I wanted some stability. I also wanted to be able to earn enough money so that my family and I could travel the world, be mortgage free, and have fun while we were doing it! 

I thought I was asking for too much!

Then I found The Aloe Vera Company. 

I was told that if I stuck to the basic activity and worked consistently for small periods of time each day that everything that I wanted was achievable. 

3 years on I have been to Lanzarote, Sweden, Dubai and Malta with the company, and am working towards trips to Australia and The Bahama's for 2020!

I now spend most of my time introducing other people to this incredible opportunity and guiding them, like I have, to make dreams a reality.